Why Me? 

By HSP Member, Eric
By HSP Member, Eric

Not much to tell except the usual, I can't aim. On the second day of the deer bow season here in Missouri, and the weather was perfect for an early season Doe hunt. I slithered my way to one of my favorite doe spots before first light to the sound of “blowing and stomping” in every direction. So, things started out just like every year, "Why Me". Within 30 minutes I had deer movement in my area again and it wasn't long before a nice 100+ pound doe with a reddish summer coat still on, was 15 yards from my stand…”broadside.” Yep, I missed her! Why me? One thing you learn as a hard knock hunter is stick with it. Most guys would have gone home, but not me. Another 30 minutes and along came another smaller doe about 20 yards broadside, nice. Yep, I missed her too! After a few tears and a close inspection of my bow, I found that my Keller sight was locked in the wrong notch, causing me to shoot way to high. So it was the equipments fault!” I just wanted that to be clear.

The nice thing about being an HSP member is the quality of the land. And, due to the farm I was hunting it wasn't 15 minutes until I had my third chance. As they say, the third time is the charm. But the little doe I thought I shot turned out to be a button buck which is a different version of ground shrinkage. Also he might have weighed 50 pounds soaking wet. So, in the end I killed the very opposite of what I had come to harvest, a small button buck instead of a large doe. Why me? As I headed back to the car I surprised a Turkey who surprised me, but he stuck around just long enough for me the fling an arrow at him at 20 yards. Yep, I missed him too. So I batted a 25% average today all said and done, but I had a great time playing the game!

Thanks HSP,