Information For Landowners!

When you lease your land to Hunting Sports Plus:

You will still have complete control of your land. You're the boss!

We do not allow members to drink alcohol on your land.

Members will only visit your land after making a reservation with us.

Members will not leave trash -- They are encouraged to pick up any found!

Members will not drive on your land without permission.

We carry hunting club liability insurance to fully protect you.

We've never had a claim in 33+ years of operating, since 1989.

We can reduce population of crop destroying wildlife

We leave plenty of seed stock of desirable wildlife

We can post and patrol your land to reduce trespassing

We keep detailed records of all game sighted/harvested

We pay substantial trophy fees for record book deer harvested from your land!

We will lease the right to hunt any or all of your land, during any season, and for any or all game. The sooner we get together the more money we will be able to pay you.

Call 816-220-1000 or Email: for more information.

Information From Land Owners


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