Patience Paid Off

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By HSP Member, Gary

On opening day the wind was strong and the hunters on the adjoining property appeared to be having a very successful day. However, for me, it was staying in a stand all day and the only thing I saw was a little buck with only a main beam. Pretty discouraging since all day long I was listening to shots being fired, four wheelers running back and forth, and people talking all within approximately 75 yards of where my stand was. So the day ended and I was faced with the decision of moving my stand or try another day. I decided to try the same location but to move my stand approximately 15 yards and change my position in the stand and face the opposite direction. Would you believe, as the sun was coming up I looked over my shoulder and got a glimpse of a deer passing just in front of where I was positioned the day before! Just my luck! Along with that the hunters on the other property seemed to be having another good day. More four wheelers, more talking, to say the least I was almost ready to give up on the area and move to a different location. I have read that hunting pressure is not always a bad thing, so after much debate with myself, I decided to stay put at 9:15 am. A little buck came within 20 yards downwind from me when it appeared he might have winded me and walked away at a pretty fast pace. I decided to pour some doe pee beside my stand and approximately 5 minutes later I heard two people talking. All of a sudden, I heard a loud noise, looked up, and there was a large 8 point running directly at me! Was it the lure or was it the hunting pressure? I guess I won't ever know for sure but what I do know is that patience paid off.