It Was That Simple

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By HSP Member, Keith

As far as a story about my hunt... there really isn't one. For being the largest buck I've ever taken, the hunt was very typical and uneventful.

I awoke early and got to my stand before sunrise. After an hour and a half of quiet sitting, he walked into my life, and I ended his. "It was that simple!"

The only thing that made it special was I decided that morning to use my late Fathers .308 Remington 742, that I inherited. I had taken several does with the gun, but never shot a buck with it.

While waiting for the sun to come up that day, I decided that since most of the season was over, I would be satisfied taking a nice fat doe if the opportunity arose. Funny how things happen sometimes huh?

My hunt with my youngest son during the Missouri Youth Season, where he bagged a small young buck, was far more exciting for me. Maybe I'm getting old but I'd rather see my kids get the deer than myself. I just love providing the experience for them. And if I get lucky too that's just the icing on the cake.

Regarding the buck I took on Friday November 19th during the 2010 Missouri rifle season: It's a main frame 9 with 4 extra points over an inch, making it a 13 pointer! The inside spread is 23 inches. This is the largest buck I've taken yet.