I Plotted My Attack 

By HSP Member, Roger
By HSP Member, Roger

The story on this buck -- I buy a floating guest membership besides my regular membership so I have someone to hunt with. As is usually the story, my friend and I went out to my reserved farm Saturday morning. I saw three does early, but no luck. About 11 A.M., I hear a shot. Lo and behold, "as usual," my friend harvested a doe. About noon I see a big buck running, but I can't get a shot. I go home without a deer on the first day.

Again the same friend and I have a reservation on the same farm for Sunday. We decided to go ahead and go to Church Sunday morning and then head out for the rest of the day on the same section. We got out about 1 P.M., and we both set up in the same spots as we had the day before. Until about 5 P.M. neither of us had seen anything. But I noticed a white flash over in the field to the east of where I was sitting. So I grabbed my binoculars and sure enough it was a deer. I figured I had nothing to lose this late, so I plotted my attack. There was a creek bed right behind where I was sitting, and if I could slip into it, I could follow it to where I could come up less than 100 yards from him. I got into the creek bed, and started making my way toward the buck. When I figured I was even with him, I took my hat off so as to not spook him when I stuck my head over the bank. When I did, it was a huge buck, and I was around 80 yards away. I took a shot with my 30-30, and he jumps like I hit him. He starts running right towards me! I shoot once while he was running, and he continued right on until he stopped at the creek bed where I was setup! Twenty yards broadside from me! I took a shot that put him down in his tracks. I hit him the first time, missed him running, but the last shot landed perfect.

He was an 8 pointer, and the brow tines were over 6 inches tall. This is the same farm that I also got 2 turkeys this past spring, and 2 turkeys in the fall with a gun.

A very good HSP property.