Chris with a Dandy 8 Point Buck

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By HSP Member, "Grandpa John"

Grandson Chris took this deer.

He hunted the same stand opening day. He saw young bucks and numerous does. I encouraged him to hang in there and a larger buck was sure to show up. The next morning he used his grunt call early. A nice 6 pointer showed up right away, blowing lots of steam through his nostrils. Then an 8 pointer showed up to his left and made a bee-line for the 6 pointer. "The fight was on." The two deer locked horns and pushed each other around. Finally, the 8 pointer threw the 6 pointer to the ground. The 6 pointer had enough and backed away. Those deer "tore" up the woods when they fought. Leaving the area looking like something big had taken place. As the 8 pointer walked around between the trees, Chris got in position to take a 70 yard shot through a small opening. His Marlin 30-30 "barked and the 8 pointer dropped."

We field dressed that deer and found the bullet had gone through the heart making a quick and clean kill. Photos were taken at the site of the action. Chris is one happy guy and intends to have it mounted. He called his wife minutes after I took the pictures and she was happy for him and "approved" a deer mount in the living room.

It doesn't get any better than this!